Our Commitment

Today's children are more inquisitive than ever before. They are constantly challenging themselves to understand the world around them, and in this exploratory stage, they are not afraid to experiment. As they discover more and more about their surroundings, they are also exposed to infections, germs, diseases and illnesses.

In partnership with Satyaramm Health Clinic, a non-profit organization based in Andhra Pradesh, Zuci Jr. Hand Sanitizers launched its Clean Hands Happy Hands (CHHH) Program in 2013 to create a positive change among children from Classes 1 - 7 in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore.

CHHH program is a fun and interactive workshop that educates children on proper hand hygiene and instills use of hand sanitizers throughout the day so they can prevent common diseases such as diarrhea, pneumonia, respiratory illnesses, and skin diseases. These diseases are responsible for the high rate of absenteeism at school where children missed out on the opportunity to learn, to achieve, and to be healthy and safe everyday. The good news is these diseases are preventable with regular hand hygiene and effective hand sanitizer.

The thrust of the workshop is an education and awareness program to instill among students the need for regular hand hygiene habit, especially in potential contact points in school where they can pass-on disease-causing germs and bacteria:

Program Milestones

Clean Hands Happy Hands program has already reached 170,000 school children in 250 schools. The program is happy to announce that as much as 30% reduction of absenteeism has been noted in the schools activated with only 1-3 months regular use of Zuci Jr. Hand Sanitizers. Now on its 3rd year, Zuci Jr Hand Sanitizers proudly continues its commitment to educate school children on regular hand hygiene.

As part of its commitment to hand hygiene education, the CHHH program has also granted 45 scholars from the different schools activated. The scholars were selected based on school performance and attendance.

Program Materials

During the workshop, students will receive the following from Zuci Jr. Hand Sanitizers:

a. Zuci Jr. Hand Sanitizer with bag tag

b. CHHH Hand Hygiene Calendar

c. CHHH Letter to Parents

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