Your Child's Bright Future Starts With Clean Hands

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Globally, absenteeism due to sickness and disease is a serious concern as it continues to contribute to the deterioration of the quality of education among school children.  As today’s children are more exploratory, inquisitive and extroverted than before, they spend so much more time in school and with their peers than at home.  Hence in ensuring children’s health, hand hygiene to prevent the passing-on of infectious germs and disease-causing bacteria, is a must.  And while it is very hard to make children wash their hands regularly to keep them healthy outside the home, hand sanitizers play a very important role in giving the children the protection they need even when they are out of home.

Clean hands keep our children in school.

And there is no better way of giving them a bright future with clean hands, other than with a hand-sanitizing product that they can conveniently bring with them everywhere they go, and enjoy using especially at critical contact points around their peers – such as when using the loo, after sneezing or coughing, after playing and before eating.  


Hand sanitizers with at least 60% of alcohol is the second best alternative to hand washing especially when there is no access to personal soap and clean water. Alcohol in hand sanitizers kill disease-causing bacteria.


However, some alcohol-based hand sanitizers may be too harsh and strip-off moisture from children’s young and delicate skin, leaving it dry and rough.  Hand sanitizers with added moisturizers would therefore be best especially for children, so lost moisture gets replenished with every use.


Zuci Junior Hand Sanitizers are especially formulated for children.  It is alcohol-based to kill 99.9% of germs, and is packed with moisturizers and Vitamin E beads to keep children’s hands soft and moisturized with every use.  With nature-inspired fruity fragrances such as – Strawberry, Black Currant, Green Apple, Mango, Musk Melon and Orange - kids are sure to love each use and will look forward to cleaning their hands throughout the day.  Zuci Junior Hand Sanitizers are available in 30mL packs that come in fun, colorful and collectible bagtags that children can attach to their bags, knapsacks, ID lanyards, belt holes, etc. to keep it handy wherever they may go.  It is also available in 250mL pumps so that parents can conveniently refill their children’s 30mL bottle and not worry about their kids running out of supply.


So if you want to secure your children’s bright future and keep them in school, start with clean hands.  Support their curiosity, encourage them to explore the world around them, and make the most out of every learning opportunity without worrying about their health and safety.  And to give them the best possible clean, keep Zuci in their bags.